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Wholesale organic functional mushrooms grown in the US. lion's mane close up

Wholesale Organic Functional mUshrooms

Do you make mushroom products? We are proud to offer third party lab tested wholesale organic functional mushrooms grown in the US.

Sourcing your wholesale organic functional mushroom supply domestically is not only the more sustainable choice, it eliminates many shipping delays and supply concerns. Rather than supporting a large corporation or overseas growers, you’ll know you are supporting a local farm that cares about each and every harvested crop.

Our indoor farm operates year round following the highest standards available. From culture in our lab to fruiting body harvest and drying, we oversee every aspect of our operation.

Email hello@parasolmycology to discuss larger quantities than listed below. We look forward to working with you!

Type1 ounce$ per gram8 oz = 1/2 lb
(226.8 g)
$ per gram16 oz = 1 lb
(453.6 g)
$ per gram1 kg
(2.206 lb)
$ per gram2kg
(4.412 lb)
$ per gram
Lion’s Mane$10$.353$59$.26$100$.22$195$.195$375$.188
Turkey Tail
(out of stock)

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