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3 non-negotiables for a high-quality mushroom extract

3 non-negotiables for a High-Quality Mushroom Extract

There are endless choices out there for mushroom supplements. While we haven’t tried them all (we grow our own!), we do know that diligence in purchasing high-quality mushroom extract is a must. Look past the marketing and straight to the ingredients. Parasol Mycology believes in transparency and providing valuable information to help you make an informed decision. Whether you choose our product or not, our goal is to empower you to find a safe and effective mushroom extract that can truly make a difference in your well-being.

1. Look for Dual Extractions

Not all mushroom extracts are created equal. Extraction method used is the number one requirement for a good bioavailable supplement.

Avoid products that simply grind up dried mushrooms, as they often retain an indigestible fiber called chitin that blocks your body from absorbing the beneficial compounds. Instead, opt for liquid extracts that have undergone dual extraction—a process involving both alcohol and water extraction. This ensures that the extract contains the full spectrum of active compounds.

2. Choose Fruiting Body Only

Beware of the mycelium trick or “full spectrum” labeling that some companies use to boost profits at the expense of product quality. Clinical studies consistently show that the true benefits of functional mushrooms come from the fruiting bodies—the actual mushrooms themselves—not the mycelium.

Unfortunately, many products include mycelium and sawdust to increase their weight, leading to false milligram claims and compromised potency. To ensure the best results, select a liquid extract made solely from the fruiting bodies of lion’s mane. Parasol oversees every mushroom we sell, from spore to bottle.

3. Opt for USA Grown & 3rd Party Tested

When it comes to mushroom extracts, safety is paramount. We regularly test our products for quality control and standardization. Third-party testing verifies product purity, potency, and safety. Good suppliers will make it easy to find their tests, they’re usually proud of them!

Additionally, prioritize extracts that are grown and processed as locally as possible. Many products in the market come from overseas, and the extended shipping process can lead to contamination and reduced effectiveness. Parasol is proud to be a vertically integrated farm. We grow and extract our mushrooms right here in Paradise, CA, resulting in fresh, high-quality extracts without the risks associated with overseas sourcing.

The small batch Difference

Whether you choose Parasol Mycology extracts or another premium product, we encourage you to look to your local mushroom farmers for the best quality and care! A vertically integrated farm means you get your product straight from the source, avoid the impact of international shipping, and keep local economies thriving.